Corporate Video Production, Book Description

Social media has changed the face of corporate video.  Nearly every major corporation has a YouTube and Facebook page, and they need content.  Corporations that want to be good world citizens have enacted social responsibility programs, and they document those with videos.  A new generation of communications managers prefers visually engaging content rather than sentencing their viewers to “death by PowerPoint.”

In this book, readers will learn about the employment opportunities in corporate video; many more openings than in broadcasting.  Creative outlets for innovative video producers abound in the enterprise.  Corporate videos are shorter, tighter and edgier than ever before.  You’ll see how companies incorporate a music-video editing approach in recruitment videos to lure prospective employees.  Documentary filmmakers will feel at home producing videos about their company’s community outreach programs.  Narrative film producers and writers have an opportunity to tell the company’s story in an engaging and heartwarming manner.

I write about CEOs using Flip cameras to talk to thousands of employees via their company’s networks.  You’ll see how savvy video producers use customer testimonials to reach wider markets for their company’s products.  I share my war stories, such as the incidents when Murphy’s Law stole from my budget, and I share the joys, such as watching a client transform from skeptic to ally during the course of a three-day shoot.  I include examples of budgets and proposals, suggestions on efficient uses of bandwidth so you get the IT team on your side and ways to coach employees-turned-actors when the budget is tight.

Corporate videos need not be boring.  This book shows myriad examples of engaging and motivating videos that incorporate clever camera techniques, thoughtful pre-production planning and creative post-production that result in exciting videos that wow the socks off company execs. In the section I call “Shooting the CEO,” you’ll read an interview with a video producer who films a well known CEO at his company.

I spent a year researching and writing this book, and it reflects my 25 year career as a corporate video producer and manager.  During my research I was surprised to see that at a lot of companies, studio production has taken a back seat to location production. Small camcorders shoot iso’s, and multi-cam apps running on laptops handle the editing during the flight home.  I learned that video over internal networks may run with less bandwidth than videos viewed at home.  In the book I offer some technical suggestions to optimize your video and develop rapport with the IT team.

This is not a basic how-to book, rather it documents how major corporations are using video, and it shows the opportunities for staff video producers and freelancers.  Companies are looking for content, and your creative video production skills can help corporations improve their literal images.

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