Amazon reports only 16 copies in stock

Amazon reports only 16 copies of my book are in stock.

There are some used copies and it is available in the Kindle edition available for download on demand.

Read the 21 Amazon reviews

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Directing Corporate Videos

Here we look at the director’s role and the tasks and responsibilities you can expect  to handle when wearing the director’s hat (or beret). In many organizations,  you may be both producer and director, but it is important to understand the  functions that a corporate video director may be expected to fulfill.

Read the EventDV column here

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Corporations Adopt Social Media

When I was conducting research for my book  Corporate Video Production  I visited the websites of the top companies in the country. Nearly every site had a link to the company’s YouTube and Facebook pages. Internet market research firm eMarketer, Inc. reports an increase in shoppers making purchases after viewing product videos. The firm also says that “videos reduce shopping cart abandonment rates and diminish product return rates.” Several companies post their TV commercials, but many firms also use social media to demonstrate their programs that benefit nonprofit organizations in their communities.

This is from my column in EventDV Magazine titled “The Company Image”. Read the rest of this column at


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Read Seven Reviews, One with Only 4 Stars

Read seven user reviews of my book, including the 4-star review. I think the reviewer made some good comments about what we could have done better. What do you think?

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Amazon Review of Corporate Video Production

Read the latest Amazon reader review of my book at

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Review of Corporate Video Production

Here is a review of my book in EventDV Magazine, the magazine that I write for.’s-Corporate-Video-Production-75255.htm


Also, this is the first installment of a column on corporate video that I’m writing for the magazine.!-75258.htm

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Read Sample Chapter

Read Chapter 3, Video Project Proposals as a PDF at

Read the introduction and see the table of contents and the first few pages, what the publisher calls Front Matter, as a PDF at

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